Welcome to our journey. We hope you’re ready to run. We brought this page to the world in order to share our passion for running, experiencing new cultures and eating great food. ¬†We are simply your average couple that believes strongly in learning from experiences, stories of those around us and reading a book about being a badass. Hopefully with this blog we can help spread that around and if not, at least we tried.

Run happy. Travel light. Be badass.

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Oh, hello, didn’t see you there. My name is Abby, I was born in Fresno, CA, lived in Madison, WI, Manchester, NH, Washington, D.C. and now reside in Boston. I’m currently going to school at Wheelock College for Political Science and I also work at Starbucks. I’m a 22 year old Sophomore/Junior because I took a couple years off and I highly recommend it. Gave me a chance to save and learn and appreciate school even more than simply being a life time of loans. In my spare time I’ve been running and rock climbing, and when I can’t afford to rock climb, I run. I have random motivations, for example, I chose to run my first marathon because I simply wanted to finish a marathon before I turned 20. So after only running maybe 9 miles as my longest race, I took on a marathon. I got injured and struggled through training but still finished! Since then I have been motivated to run a marathon a year. I just finished my last marathon in San Francisco at the end of July! If it wasn’t clear already I like to travel, along with all the places I’ve lived I have also gotten to visit 42 states. It is a part of our goals to use my remaining states as places to find a race. Along with that, everyone needs a delicious post race meal and drink, and like any rational person I am always on the look out for the best tacos and margaritas. Hopefully after a race one day in some random city I’ll find some tacos that top the tacos I had in Portland, ME. – AJ1

Just like when we run, I’ll follow Abby on the intros. My name is Andy and I was born in Dallas, TX. I’ve only lived in MA and NH with Boston being my home. My day job is managing a volunteer and urban program for an environmental non-profit. I have a deep love for Boston sports and the best soccer club in the world, Manchester United. When I’m not running, I try to be biking or climbing as much as possible. Running had always been just a work out for me. It was a means to be faster on the base paths and have more endurance on the soccer field. This changed when I ran Reach the Beach, a Ragnar relay in NH, and realized that running was something I wanted to commit to. In a similar vein, travel was always seen as vacations or where can we go to drink for a weekend. I find myself now passionate to find adventurous races, immerse myself more in the culture of new places and connect with the outdoors whenever possible. Of course, finding the best local slice of pizza or tray of tacos is important too. – AJ2

About the both of us, we met when we both lived in NH and we volunteered with a program called City Year (anyone 18-24, go look it up and be inspired). We were friends for many years and once I finally moved back to Boston in January 2016 we reconnected and have been inseparable ever since. We go out for nachos a lot and have started a rating system for the best nachos in Boston. We ran at the beginning of our relationship when he was still trying to impress me, but once we got into my long marathon runs he backed off. But we also got a bit more serious at that point, if you get what I’m saying. He still ran a Tough Mudder and I still ran my marathon and after that we decided we wanted to keep running more races together. We are not elites, we are not professionals, we live busy lives and may miss a run or get injured. But that is all a part of the journey. We are excited to have everyone else along.

Our goals:

* 1 Marathon a year

*AJ1 – a sub 5 hour marathon

*AJ2 – marathon before 30

* Finish 50 states

* Find the best tacos

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Please reach out with questions, support, travel and race ideas, or pizza money.